Response to On Hold Phone Complaints

Dear _________________:


We received your letter of _________________, in which you described your recent experience in trying to reach us by telephone. We realize that when you need help, you need help right away; and you do not want to be kept waiting on hold. I apologize that you had to wait.


We train our _________________ to give their complete attention to each caller, and to do their utmost to resolve each caller’s concerns before moving on to the next call. At times, this process leads to longer delays for the people who are on hold. However, we trust that you will find the delay offset by a satisfactory and courteous resolution to your question when you do reach your representative.


_________________. Nevertheless, I am sure that it was unpleasant for you to wait, and I hope that in the future when you call, you will be connected with a representative immediately.


Thank you for your patience. We look forward to serving you in the future.





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