Request Raise and Assessment of Evaluation

Dear _________________:


This letter is in response to my recent performance evaluation. The evaluation and its aftermath were so far removed from my expectations that I feel our communications must have broken down somewhere along the line.


When I went into my evaluation meeting, I expected to be told that I was being promoted to _________________ and that I would be receiving a significant raise. Instead, I received a review that indicated my performance was only satisfactory. I am stunned.


I realize that you had been my manager for only six months of the previous year, so perhaps you have not had an opportunity to review my record fully. In all applicable areas where results are measured, I have exceeded performance goals by _________________%. _________________. Have I missed something? Or is it possible that some of these results were inadvertently overlooked during the preparation of the review?


I would appreciate if we could speak again about my performance. If I need to make changes in order to gain the raise and promotion I want, I am prepared to change and grow. But I do need to know that my achievements were fairly evaluated; and I need to know what, if anything, I need to do to improve.





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