Request Employee Suggestions

Dear _________________:


In order to win in today’s competitive marketplace, _________________ needs a secret weapon. Fortunately, we have that secret weapon: It’s you. Your talent, your energy, and most of all, your ideas.


Good ideas come to all people, at all levels of an organization, and we want to make sure that your good ideas get heard. That’s why we are implementing the Employee Suggestion Sweepstakes.


Beginning _________________, we will ask you to submit your best ideas in the following categories:


* Potential Production Breakthroughs

* Potential New Product Breakthroughs

* Potential Human Resources Breakthroughs

* Potential Cost-Saving Gold Mine


ALL ideas will be considered carefully. The people who suggest ideas that are actually implemented will each receive a _________________ bonus. Ideas that are considered valuable but that cannot be implemented immediately, will earn a _________________ bonus.


In order to make it easier to share your ideas, we are setting up _________________.


Watch the employee newsletter for further details.





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