Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about 1000 Free Templates!

1000 Free Templates is a template library for email, text messaging, slack, discord, you name it.

With 1000 Free Templates, we make it easy to create well-written messages that communicate your thoughts effectively and increase your conversion rate, no matter the subject or consumer.

Yes, 1000 Free Templates is really free to use and open to the public.


Hopefully, we make money by via our WordPress Hosting & Site Care referral link above. Neutron Creative funded and built this product, so if you could show them some love that would help!

At the moment, we have 1000 partials & templates in our library for use.

We’re working on expanding the library, so check back soon for new templates!

We designed 1000 Free Templates to fit a diverse set of use-cases, and we hope you will find value in the app as well.

Students: For Students, we make it easier than ever to use professional communication to get better results out of your communication with your professors and colleagues.

Whether you’re too shy to think while writing,  forgot to ask for that assignment extension before you hit the bar, or just don’t know what to say, Precent can help make the most out of your day-to-day communications.

Educators:  For educational organizations, Precedent App makes it easier than ever to decrease grammatical errors, diversify used vocabulary, and increase communications proficiency across your student body.

Whether your organization plans to institute a custom communications policy using a Private Partial & Template library, decrease student harassment, or help students communicate better with Professors & Interviewers, Precedent can help your organization scale it’s communications with ease and professionalism.